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Lincoln Nautilus: Pre-Collision Assist / Distance Indication (If Equipped)

Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2022 Owners Manual / Pre-Collision Assist / Distance Indication (If Equipped)

What Is Distance Indication

Distance indication displays the gap between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you.

Note: The graphic does not display if you switch on cruise control or adaptive cruise control.

Lincoln Nautilus. Distance Indication (If Equipped)

Switching Distance Indication On and Off

To switch the system on or off, use the instrument cluster display:

  1. Using the instrument cluster display controls on the steering wheel, select SETTINGS.
  2. Select Driver assistance.
  3. Select Pre-collision.
  4. Switch Distance Indication on or off.

Distance Indication Indicator

The indicator displays the time gap between your vehicle and vehicles traveling in the same direction ahead of you.

Lincoln Nautilus. Distance Indication (If Equipped)

    Locating the Pre-Collision Assist Sensors

    Camera. Radar sensor (if equipped). If a message regarding a blocked sensor or camera appears in the information display, something is obstructing the radar signals or camera images...

    Distance Alert (If Equipped)

    What Is Distance Alert The system alerts you with a warning lamp if the distance to the vehicle ahead is small. Note: The warning lamp does not illuminate if cruise control or adaptive cruise control is active...

    Other information:

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    USB Ports

    Locating the USB Ports

    Data Transfer USB Ports

    Lincoln Nautilus. USB Ports

    The USB Ports could be in the following locations:

    On the lower instrument panel. Inside the media bin. Inside the center console.

    Note: These USB ports can also charge devices.

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