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Lincoln Nautilus: Automatic Transmission / Manually Shifting Gears (If Equipped)

Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2022 Owners Manual / Automatic Transmission / Manually Shifting Gears (If Equipped)

Shifting Using the Paddle Shifters

Use this procedure to shift your transmission manually.

Manually Shifting in Drive (D)

Use this feature when you need immediate shift response, for example overtaking another vehicle.

  • Pull the (+) paddle to switch the feature on.
  • Hold the plus paddle to switch the feature off.

Note: This feature will turn off if paddles are not used continuously while driving.

Manually Shifting in Sport (S) (If Equipped)

  • Pull the (+) paddle to switch the feature on.
  • Hold the (+) paddle to switch the feature off.

Using SelectShift

Lincoln Nautilus. Manually Shifting Gears (If Equipped)

  • Pull the right paddle (+) to upshift.
  • Pull the left paddle (-) to downshift.

The instrument cluster displays the current gear.

Note: Your transmission could downshift or upshift if you fully press the accelerator pedal.

Note: Your transmission will downshift at low engine speed, to prevent the engine from stalling.

Note: This feature will not function if the engine speed after a shift exceeds the overspeed limiter. The current gear will flash if a shift is not allowed.

Note: Engine damage can occur if you hold high engine speed without shifting.

    Automatic Transmission Position Indicators


    Temporary Neutral Mode

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    Switching Traction Control On and Off

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