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Lincoln Nautilus: Phone as a Key / Using the Valet Mode. Using the Backup Start Passcode

Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2023 Owners Manual / Phone as a Key / Using the Valet Mode. Using the Backup Start Passcode

Using the Valet Mode

  1. Press Settings on the touchscreen.
  2. Press Valet Mode.

    Note: Have your Backup Start Passcode completely setup before using Valet Mode.

    Note: Once the system detects a valid Phone as a Key, the temporary passcode displays in both the touchscreen and mobile app. If the system does not detect a valid Phone as a Key, it prompts you to enter your Backup Start Passcode. Once validated, the temporary passcode displays on the touchscreen.

  3. Enter the first five digits of the passcode on the keyless entry keypad to unlock your vehicle.
  4. Enter the eight-digit passcode on the touchscreen to start and drive your vehicle.

To disable Valet Mode, press Exit Valet Mode on the touchscreen. Once the system detects an authorized Phone as a Key, it disables. If the system does not detect a valid Phone as a Key, it prompts you to enter your Backup Start Passcode. Once validated, Valet Mode disables.

Using the Backup Start Passcode.

If you are unable to start your vehicle with Phone as a Key, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the brake pedal and the ignition button. If the system does not detect a valid Phone as a Key, a message appears and the system prompts you for your Backup Start Passcode.

    Note: Make sure you have Phone as a Key active on at least one phone to use the previously created Backup Start Passcode.

    Note: If the Backup Start Passcode screen does not appear, it is necessary to press the ignition button again.

  2. Use the touchscreen to enter your Backup Start Passcode.
  3. After entering your Backup Start Passcode, you must press Enter within 30 seconds.
  4. Once the system validates the Backup Start Passcode, a message alerts you to start your vehicle.
  5. Press the brake pedal and the ignition button within 20 seconds to start the vehicle.
  6. If your vehicle does not start, repeat steps 1-5.

System Lockout

The system locks after five attempts of trying to enter a Backup Start Passcode, resetting a current passcode or entering an incorrect Valet Mode passcode.

Note: The system remains locked for five minutes. After five minutes the system allows codes to be entered again.

    Programming Your Phone

    To program your smartphone as Phone as a Key: Visit your device's app store to download the Lincoln Way app. Create or sign-in to the Lincoln Way app and add the vehicle identification number to your account...

    Phone as a Key – Troubleshooting

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    Changing a Flat Tire

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