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Lincoln Nautilus: Fuel and Refueling / Refueling

Refueling System Overview

Lincoln Nautilus. Refueling

  1. Fuel filler door.
  2. Fuel tank filler valve.
  3. Fuel tank filler pipe.

Refueling Your Vehicle

WARNING: When refueling always shut the engine off and never allow sparks or open flames near the fuel tank filler valve. Never smoke or use a cell phone while refueling. Fuel vapor is extremely hazardous under certain conditions. Avoid inhaling excess fumes.

WARNING: The fuel system may be under pressure. If you hear a hissing sound near the fuel filler inlet, do not refuel until the sound stops. Otherwise, fuel may spray out, which could cause serious personal injury.

WARNING: Do not pry open the fuel tank filler valve. This could damage the fuel system. Failure to follow this instruction could result in fire, personal injury or death.

WARNING: Do not remove the fuel pump nozzle from its fully inserted position when refueling.

WARNING: Stop refueling when the fuel pump nozzle automatically shuts off for the first time. Failure to follow this will fill the expansion space in the fuel tank and could lead to fuel overflowing.

WARNING: Do not overfill the fuel tank. The pressure in an overfilled tank may cause leakage and lead to fuel spray and fire.

WARNING: Wait at least five seconds before removing the fuel pump nozzle to allow any residual fuel to drain into the fuel tank.

  1. Fully open the fuel filler door.
  2. Select the correct fuel pump nozzle for your vehicle.

    Lincoln Nautilus. Refueling

  3. Insert the fuel pump nozzle up to the first notch. Keep the fuel pump nozzle resting on the fuel tank filler pipe.

    Lincoln Nautilus. Refueling

  4. Hold the fuel pump nozzle in position A when refueling. Holding the fuel pump nozzle in position B can affect the flow of fuel and shut off the fuel pump nozzle before the fuel tank is full.

    Lincoln Nautilus. Refueling

  5. Operate the fuel pump nozzle within the area shown. Refer to A for left hand drive or B for right hand drive.

    Lincoln Nautilus. Refueling

  6. When the pump shuts off, wait five seconds, then raise the fuel pump nozzle and slowly remove it.
  7. Fully close the fuel filler door.

    Note: Do not attempt to start the engine if you have filled the fuel tank with incorrect fuel. Incorrect fuel use could cause damage not covered by the vehicle Warranty. Have your vehicle immediately checked.

Manually Opening the Fuel Filler Door

Your vehicle does not have a fuel tank filler cap.

Lincoln Nautilus. Refueling

  1. Left-hand side. To open the fuel filler door, press the center rear edge of the fuel filler door and then release.
  2. Right-hand side. To open the fuel filler door, press the center rear edge of the fuel filler door and then release.
  3. Left-hand side. Pull the rear of the fuel filler door to open it.
  4. Right-hand side. Pull the rear of the fuel filler door to open it.

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