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Lincoln Nautilus: Battery, Mounting and Cables / Battery Disconnect and Connect. General Procedures


NOTICE: Removing the negative battery ground cable at the LH strut tower will not disable the vehicle's electrical system. Failure to disconnect the battery cable from the battery post may cause component damage.

NOTE: When the battery is disconnected and connected, some abnormal drive symptoms may occur while the vehicle relearns its adaptive strategy. The vehicle may need to be driven to allow the PCM to relearn the adaptive strategy values.

NOTE: When disconnecting the battery ground cable to interrupt power to the vehicle electrical system, disconnect the battery ground cable only. It is not necessary to disconnect the positive battery cable.

  1. NOTICE: Make sure the positive battery terminal cover is in position while removing the negative battery cable clamp to prevent damage from a short to the positive terminal.

    NOTICE: Be careful not to damage the sensor when removing the terminal from the battery post. Do not pry on the terminals or component damage may occur.

    NOTE: The cowl panel is removed for clarity.

    Loosen, but do not remove the nut and position the negative battery cable aside.
    Torque: 48 (5.4 Nm)
  1. Position the positive battery terminal cover aside. Loosen, but do not remove the nut and position the positive battery cable aside.
    Torque: 48 (5.4 Nm)


  1. To connect, reverse the disconnect procedure.

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    Changing a Flat Tire

    WARNING: If the tire pressure monitor sensor becomes damaged it may not function.

    Note: The use of tire sealant may damage your tire pressure monitoring system and should only be used in roadside emergencies. If you must use a sealant, use the Tire Mobility Kit sealant. Replace the tire pressure monitoring system sensor and valve stem on the wheel by an authorized dealer after use of the sealant.

    Note: The tire pressure monitoring system indicator light will illuminate when the spare tire is in use. To restore the full function of the monitoring system, all road wheels equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors must be mounted on the vehicle.

    If you get a flat tire while driving, do not apply the brake hea

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