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Lincoln Nautilus: Connected Vehicle

What Is a Connected Vehicle

A connected vehicle has technology that allows your vehicle to connect to a mobile network and for you to access a range of features. When used in conjunction with the Lincoln Way app, it could allow you to monitor and control your vehicle further, for example checking the tire pressures, and the vehicle location. For additional information, refer to the local Lincoln website.

Connected Vehicle Requirements

Connected service and related feature functionality requires a compatible vehicle network.

Some remote features require a subscription. For additional information, see the Lincoln Way app. Some restrictions, third party terms and message or data rates may apply.

Connected Vehicle Limitations

Evolving technology, cellular networks, or regulations could affect functionality and availability, or continued provision of some features. These changes could even stop some features from functioning.

Connecting the Vehicle to a Mobile Network

What Is the Modem

The modem allows access to a range of features built into your vehicle.

Enabling and Disabling the Modem

  1. Press Settings.
  2. Press Lincoln Connect.
  3. Press Connectivity Settings.
  4. Switch connectivity features on or off.

Connecting Lincoln Way to the Modem

  1. Make sure that the modem is enabled using the vehicle settings menu.
  2. Open the Lincoln way app on your device and log in.
  3. Add your vehicle or select your vehicle if already added.
  4. Select the option for vehicle details.
  5. Select the option to activate your vehicle.
  6. Make sure that the name on the screen matches the name shown in your Lincoln Way account.
  7. Confirm that your Lincoln Way account is connected to the modem.

Connecting the Vehicle to a Wi-Fi Network

  1. Press Settings.
  2. Press Wi-Fi.
  3. Switch Wi-Fi on.
  4. Press View Available Networks.
  5. Select an available Wi-Fi network.

Note: Enter the network password to connect to a secure network.

Connected Vehicle – Troubleshooting

Connected Vehicle – Frequently Asked Questions - Vehicles With: Modem

Connected Vehicle – Frequently Asked Questions - Vehicles With: SYNC 4

    Vehicle Identification

    Locating the Vehicle Identification Number The vehicle identification number is located on the left-hand side of the instrument panel. In the graphic, XXXX is representative of your vehicle identification number...

    Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot


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