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Lincoln Nautilus: Lane Keeping System / Lane Keeping System - Overview. Description and Operation

Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2023 Service Manual / Electrical / Electronic Feature Group / Lane Keeping System / Lane Keeping System - Overview. Description and Operation


The Lane Keeping System (LKS) has three options to help the driver stay within their lane (lane keeping aid) and to provide lane keeping alert. The Lane Keeping System (LKS) utilizes the camera located in the IPMA to detect and track the road lane markings. The lane keeping system is turned on and off using the lane keeping system switch on the LH steering column multifunction switch. The last known on/off setting for the lane keeping system is recalled every time the ignition is turned on. The system can be turned off at any time by pressing the lane keeping system switch. When the system is on, it is active only when the vehicle speed is above 64 km/h (40 mph) and at least one lane marking can be detected by the camera. When the system is active, if the Lane Keeping System (LKS) detects that the driver's hands are off the wheel for more than a few seconds, a hands-off warning is generated. The IPC message center provides a display that shows the status of the Lane Keeping System (LKS) in operation to the driver.

The lane keeping alert detects unintentional drifting toward the outside of the lane and alerts the driver through steering wheel vibrations and a visual alert in the IPC message center.

The lane keeping aid assists the driver by automatically providing steering torque to help the driver keep the vehicle in the lane.

Camera alignment is required for the lane keeping alert and lane keeping aid to function correctly.

    Lane Keeping System - Component Location. Description and Operation


    Lane Keeping System - System Operation and Component Description. Description and Operation

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