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Lincoln Nautilus: Starting and Stopping the Engine

Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2022 Owners Manual / Starting and Stopping the Engine


Cup Holders Cup Holder Precautions WARNING: Use caution when stowing items or hot drinks in the cup holders. Items could become loose or spill during hard braking, acceleration or crashes...

Starting and Stopping the Engine – Precautions

WARNING: Extended idling at high engine speeds can produce very high temperatures in the engine and exhaust system, creating the risk of fire or other damage...

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Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2022 Owners Manual: Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning the Instrument Panel WARNING: Do not use chemical solvents or strong detergents when cleaning the steering wheel or instrument panel to avoid contamination of the airbag system. We recommend that you only clean the instrument panel and cluster lens with a damp soft cloth...

Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2022 Owners Manual: Switching Cross Traffic Alert On and Off. Locating the Cross Traffic Alert Sensors. Cross Traffic Alert Indicators. Cross Traffic Alert – Troubleshooting

Switching Cross Traffic Alert On and Off To switch cross traffic alert on or off use the instrument cluster display: Using the instrument cluster display controls on the steering wheel, select SETTINGS. Select Driver assistance. Switch Cross traffic alert on or off...


Changing a Flat Tire

WARNING: If the tire pressure monitor sensor becomes damaged it may not function.

Note: The use of tire sealant may damage your tire pressure monitoring system and should only be used in roadside emergencies. If you must use a sealant, use the Tire Mobility Kit sealant. Replace the tire pressure monitoring system sensor and valve stem on the wheel by an authorized dealer after use of the sealant.

Note: The tire pressure monitoring system indicator light will illuminate when the spare tire is in use. To restore the full function of the monitoring system, all road wheels equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors must be mounted on the vehicle.

If you get a flat tire while driving, do not apply the brake hea

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