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Lincoln Nautilus: Exterior Mirrors / Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirror

What Is the Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirror

The driver exterior mirror dims when the interior auto-dimming mirror turns on.

Memory Mirrors (If Equipped)

You can save and recall the mirror positions through the memory function. See Memory Function.

Heated Exterior Mirrors

See Switching the Heated Mirrors On and Off.

Signal Indicator Mirrors (If Equipped)

The outer portion of the appropriate mirror housing blinks when you switch on the turn signal.

Lincoln Welcome Mat

Projection lights, on the bottom of the mirror housings, project an image onto the ground a short distance from the vehicle.

Blind Spot Monitor

See What Is Blind Spot Information System.

    Folding the Exterior Mirrors - Vehicles With: Manual Folding Mirrors. Folding the Exterior Mirrors - Vehicles With: Power Folding Mirrors

    Folding the Exterior Mirrors - Vehicles With: Manual Folding Mirrors Push the mirror toward the door window glass. Make sure that you fully engage the mirror in its support when returning it to its original position...



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