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Lincoln Nautilus: Climate Control / Auto Mode

Switching Auto Mode On and Off

Lincoln Nautilus. Auto Mode Press the button to switch auto mode on. Repeatedly press the button to adjust auto mode.

The system adjusts the blower motor speed, air distribution, air conditioning operation, and outside or recirculated air to reach and maintain the temperature you have set.

Adjust the blower motor control to switch auto mode off.

Note: The system starts at the previous setting when you switch on auto mode.

Note: You can also switch off the dual zone mode by pressing and holding the button for more than two seconds.

Auto Mode Indicators

The indicators are on the Auto Mode button.

Lincoln Nautilus. Auto Mode

    Setting the Temperature. Directing the Flow of Air

    Setting the Temperature Press the toggle button on the left-hand side of the climate control upward or downward to set the left-hand temperature. Note: This control also adjusts the right-hand side temperature when you switch off dual zone mode...

    Climate Control – Troubleshooting

    Climate Control – Frequently Asked Questions Why is the volume of air to the rear passenger compartment limited ? Objects may obstruct the air direction to the rear passenger compartment...

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    Traction Control

    How Does Traction Control Work

    If your vehicle begins to slide, the system applies the brakes to individual wheels and, when needed, reduces power at the same time. If the wheels spin when accelerating on slippery or loose surfaces, the system reduces power in order to increase traction.

    Switching Traction Control On and Off

    WARNING: The stability and traction control light illuminates steadily if the system detects a failure. Make sure you did not manually disable the traction control system using the information display controls or the switch. If the stability control and traction control light is still illuminating steadily, have the system serviced by an authorized dealer immediately. Operating your vehicle with the traction co

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