Lincoln Nautilus Manuals

Lincoln Nautilus: Climate Control System - General Information / Driver Temperature Door Actuator. Removal and Installation


  1. Remove the brake pedal and bracket assembly.
    Refer to: Brake Pedal and Bracket (206-06 Hydraulic Brake Actuation, Removal and Installation).
  1. Disconnect the electrical connector, remove the retainers. Position aside the wire harness and remove the driver side temperature door actuator.


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.

    Driver Side Register Air Discharge Temperature Sensor. Removal and Installation

    Removal Remove the instrument panel. Refer to: Instrument Panel (501-12 Instrument Panel and Console, Removal and Installation). Disconnect the electrical connector...

    Evaporator. Removal and Installation

    Removal Remove the climate control housing. Refer to: Climate Control Housing (412-00 Climate Control System - General Information) . Remove the heater tube dash panel seal...

    Other information:

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    Changing a Flat Tire

    WARNING: If the tire pressure monitor sensor becomes damaged it may not function.

    Note: The use of tire sealant may damage your tire pressure monitoring system and should only be used in roadside emergencies. If you must use a sealant, use the Tire Mobility Kit sealant. Replace the tire pressure monitoring system sensor and valve stem on the wheel by an authorized dealer after use of the sealant.

    Note: The tire pressure monitoring system indicator light will illuminate when the spare tire is in use. To restore the full function of the monitoring system, all road wheels equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors must be mounted on the vehicle.

    If you get a flat tire while driving, do not apply the brake hea

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