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Lincoln Nautilus: Scheduled Maintenance / General Maintenance Information

Why Maintain Your Vehicle?

Carefully following the maintenance schedule helps protect against major repair expenses resulting from neglect or inadequate maintenance and may help to increase the value of your vehicle when you sell or trade it. Keep all receipts for completed maintenance with your vehicle.

It is important that you have your vehicle serviced at the proper times. These intervals serve two purposes: first is to maintain the reliability of your vehicle and the second is to keep the cost of owning your vehicle down.

It is your responsibility to have all scheduled maintenance performed and to make sure that the materials used meet the specifications identified in this owner's manual. See Capacities and Specifications.

Failure to perform scheduled maintenance and regularly inspect your vehicle may result in vehicle damage not covered by the vehicle Warranty.

Why Maintain Your Vehicle at Your Dealership?

Our Genuine Replacement Parts

Dealerships stock our parts and our authorized branded re-manufactured replacement parts. These parts meet or exceed our specifications. Parts installed at your dealership carry a nationwide 24-month or unlimited mile (kilometer) parts and labor limited warranty.

If you do not use our authorized parts they may not meet our specifications and could affect emissions compliance.

Protecting Your Investment

Maintenance is an investment that pays dividends in the form of improved reliability, durability and resale value. To maintain the proper performance of your vehicle and its emission control systems, make sure you have scheduled maintenance performed at the designated intervals.

Your vehicle comes with the Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor system, a message appears in the information display at the proper oil change interval. This interval may be up to one year or 10,000 mi (16,000 km), hybrid vehicles could exceed 10,000 mi (16,000 km).

When the oil change message appears in the information display, it is time for an oil change. Make sure you perform the oil change within two weeks or 500 mi (800 km) of the message appearing. Make sure to reset the Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor after each oil change. See Resetting the Engine Oil Change Reminder.

If your information display resets prematurely or becomes inoperative, you should perform the oil change interval at six months or 5,000 mi (8,000 km) from your last oil change. Never exceed one year or 10,000 mi (16,000 km) between oil change intervals.

You can drive high performance vehicles in such a way that may lead to higher oil consumption including extended time at high engine speeds, high loads, engine braking, hard cornering maneuvers, track and off-road usage. Under these conditions, oil consumption of approximately 1 quart per 500 miles (1 liter per 800 km) is possible. Check the engine oil level at every refueling and adjust to maintain proper levels to avoid engine damage.

It is important to rely upon your dealership to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle.

We strongly recommend only using our genuine or our authorized re-manufactured replacement parts engineered for your vehicle.

Additives and Chemicals

We do not recommend using chemicals or additives not approved by us as part of your vehicle’s normal maintenance. Please consult your warranty information.

Oils, Fluids and Flushing

In many cases, fluid discoloration is a normal operating characteristic and, by itself, does not necessarily indicate a concern or that the fluid needs to be changed. Have discolored fluids that also show signs of overheating or foreign material contamination checked immediately.

Make sure to change the vehicle’s oils and fluids at the specified intervals or in conjunction with a repair. Flushing is a viable way to change fluid for many vehicle sub-systems during scheduled maintenance. It is critical that systems are flushed only with new fluid that is the same as that required to fill and operate the system or using our approved flushing chemical.

Owner Checks and Services

Make sure you perform the following basic maintenance checks and inspections.

Lincoln Nautilus. General Maintenance Information

Lincoln Nautilus. General Maintenance Information

1 Diesel vehicles only.

Lincoln Nautilus. General Maintenance Information

Lincoln Nautilus. General Maintenance Information

Multi-Point Inspection

It is important to have the systems on your vehicle regularly checked. This can help identify potential issues and prevent major problems. We recommend having the following multi-point inspection performed at every scheduled maintenance interval to help make sure your vehicle keeps running great.

Lincoln Nautilus. General Maintenance Information

Lincoln Nautilus. General Maintenance Information

1 Brake, coolant recovery reservoir, automatic transmission and window washer.

2 If your vehicle has a temporary mobility kit, check the tire sealant expiration Use By date on the canister. Replace as needed.

Be sure to ask your dealership service advisor or technician about the multi-point vehicle inspection. It is a comprehensive way to perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Your checklist gives you immediate feedback on the overall condition of your vehicle.

    Scheduled Maintenance


    Normal Scheduled Maintenance

    Oil Change Reminder Your vehicle comes with an oil change reminder that determines when you should change the engine oil based on how you use your vehicle...

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