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Lincoln Nautilus: Exterior Lighting / Headlamps

Using the High Beam Headlamps

Lincoln Nautilus. Headlamps

Lincoln Nautilus. Headlamps Push the lever away from you to switch the high beam on.

Push the lever forward again or pull the lever toward you to switch the high beams off.

Slightly pull the lever toward you and release it to flash the headlamps.

Switching Headlamp Exit Delay On and Off

To switch headlamp exit delay on, pull the turn signal lever toward you after switching your vehicle off.

To switch headlamp exit delay off, pull the turn signal lever toward you again or switch your vehicle on.

Note: The headlamps turn off after three minutes with any door open or 30 seconds after the last door closes.

Headlamp Indicators

Lamps On

Lincoln Nautilus. Headlamps Illuminates when you switch the low beam headlamps or the parking lamps on.

Headlamp High Beam

Lincoln Nautilus. Headlamps Illuminates when you switch the high beam headlamps on.

    Exterior Lighting Control

    Headlamps on. Autolamps on. Parking lamps on. Lamps off. Press the toggle switch upward or downward to make a selection. Note: The lighting control defaults to autolamps each time you switch your vehicle on...

    Headlamps – Troubleshooting

    Headlamps – Frequently Asked Questions Why is there condensation in the headlamps? Headlamps have vents to accommodate normal changes in air pressure...

    Other information:

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    USB Ports

    Locating the USB Ports

    Data Transfer USB Ports

    Lincoln Nautilus. USB Ports

    The USB Ports could be in the following locations:

    On the lower instrument panel. Inside the media bin. Inside the center console.

    Note: These USB ports can also charge devices.

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