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Lincoln Nautilus: Instrument Cluster Display / Instrument Cluster Display Main Menu

Depending on your vehicle options, some menu items can appear different or not at all.

Note: For your safety, some features are speed-dependent and could be unavailable when your vehicle is above a certain speed.

Lincoln Nautilus. Instrument Cluster Display Main Menu

Lincoln Nautilus. Instrument Cluster Display Main Menu

    Using the Instrument Cluster Display Controls

    WARNING: Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, crash and injury. We strongly recommend that you use extreme caution when using any device that may take your focus off the road...

    Trip Computer

    Accessing the Trip Computer Using the instrument cluster controls, select the following to access the trip computer: Resetting the Trip Computer Resetting the Individual Trip Values Using the instrument cluster controls, select the following to reset individual trip values: ..

    Other information:

    Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2024 Service Manual: Front Seats. Diagnosis and Testing

    DTC Chart: DDM Diagnostics in this manual assume a certain skill level and knowledge of Ford-specific diagnostic practices. REFER to: Diagnostic Methods (100-00 General Information, Description and Operation).   DDM DTC Chart   DTC Description Action B1C03:23 Memory #1 Switch: Signal Stuck Low   GO to Pin..

    Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Changing the Remote Control Battery

    WARNING: Keep batteries away from children to prevent ingestion. Failure to follow this instruction could result in personal injury or death. If ingested, immediately seek medical attention. WARNING: If the battery compartment does not securely close, stop using the remote control and replace it as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep the remote control away from children. Failure to f..


    USB Ports

    Locating the USB Ports

    Data Transfer USB Ports

    Lincoln Nautilus. USB Ports

    The USB Ports could be in the following locations:

    On the lower instrument panel. Inside the media bin. Inside the center console.

    Note: These USB ports can also charge devices.

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