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Lincoln Nautilus: Wipers and Washers / Rear Window Wiper Motor. Removal and Installation

Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2023 Service Manual / Body and Paint / Body and Paint / Wipers and Washers / Rear Window Wiper Motor. Removal and Installation


NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details.

  1. Remove the rear window wiper pivot arm.
    Refer to: Rear Window Wiper Pivot Arm (501-16 Wipers and Washers, Removal and Installation).
  1. Remove the liftgate trim panel.
    Refer to: Liftgate Trim Panel (501-05 Interior Trim and Ornamentation, Removal and Installation).
  1. Disconnect the wiper motor electrical connector.
  1. Remove the bolts and the rear window wiper motor.
    Torque: 62 (7 Nm)


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.

    Rear Parking Aid Camera Washer Jet. Removal and Installation

    Removal Remove the reversing lamp. Refer to: Reversing Lamp (417-01 Exterior Lighting, Removal and Installation). Disconnect the electrical connector...

    Rear Window Wiper Pivot Arm. Removal and Installation

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Two Leg Puller Removal Open the wiper pivot arm nut cover. Remove the wiper pivot arm nut...

    Other information:

    Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2023 Service Manual: Ballast. Removal and Installation

    Removal Remove the headlamp assembly. Refer to: Headlamp Assembly (417-01 Exterior Lighting, Removal and Installation). Remove the screws and position the ballast. Disconnect the electrical connectors and remove the ballast...

    Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2023 Owners Manual: Adaptive Cruise Control Limitations

    Sensor Limitations WARNING: On rare occasions, detection issues can occur due to the road infrastructures, for example bridges, tunnels and safety barriers. In these cases, the system may brake late or unexpectedly. At all times, you are responsible for controlling your vehicle, supervising the system and intervening, if required...


    Traction Control

    How Does Traction Control Work

    If your vehicle begins to slide, the system applies the brakes to individual wheels and, when needed, reduces power at the same time. If the wheels spin when accelerating on slippery or loose surfaces, the system reduces power in order to increase traction.

    Switching Traction Control On and Off

    WARNING: The stability and traction control light illuminates steadily if the system detects a failure. Make sure you did not manually disable the traction control system using the information display controls or the switch. If the stability control and traction control light is still illuminating steadily, have the system serviced by an authorized dealer immediately. Operating your vehicle with the traction co

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