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Lincoln Nautilus: Instrumentation, Message Center and Warning Chimes / Seatbelt Minder Deactivating/Activating. General Procedures


  WARNING: Before beginning any service procedure in this section, refer to Safety Warnings in section 100-00 General Information. Failure to follow this instruction may result in serious personal injury.

NOTE: The driver and passenger seat Belt-Minder® deactivating/activating can be carried out using the scan tool.

NOTE: If you are using a MyKey® programmed key, the Belt-Minder® cannot be disabled and does not time out after 5 minutes. If the Belt-Minder® has been previously disabled, it is re-enabled when a MyKey® programmed key is used.

NOTE: The driver and front passenger Belt-Minder® are deactivated/activated independently. When deactivating/activating one seating position, do not buckle the other position.

  1. Apply the parking brake before deactivating/activating the Belt-Minder®.
  1. Place the selector lever in PARK (P).
  1. Place the ignition in OFF.
  1. Unbuckle the driver and the front passenger safety belts.
  1. Place the ignition in the RUN mode (do not start the engine).
  1. Wait until the safety belt warning indicator turns off (approximately 1 minute).
  1. Wait an additional 5 seconds after the safety belt warning indicator turns off (step 6).
  1. NOTE: The procedure (steps 8 and 9) must be completed within 30 seconds once it is started.

    For the seating position to be deactivated or activated, buckle then unbuckle the safety belt 3 times at a moderate speed, ending with the safety belt in the unbuckled state. After this step the safety belt warning indicator turns on.
  1. NOTE: The safety belt warning indicator flashes as confirmation of a successful procedure.

    Buckle then unbuckle the safety belt one time at a moderate speed.
  1. After confirmation, the deactivation/activation procedure is complete for the selected seating position.

    Instrumentation, Message Center and Warning Chimes. Diagnosis and Testing

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    USB Ports

    Locating the USB Ports

    Data Transfer USB Ports

    Lincoln Nautilus. USB Ports

    The USB Ports could be in the following locations:

    On the lower instrument panel. Inside the media bin. Inside the center console.

    Note: These USB ports can also charge devices.

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