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Lincoln Nautilus: Lane Keeping System / Alert and Aid Mode

What Is Alert and Aid Mode

Alert and aid mode uses multiple features to keep you in your lane. The system first provides a small steering input to bring your vehicle back towards the center of the lane. If your vehicle moves too far out of the center of the lane the system alerts you with vibration in the steering wheel.

How Does Alert and Aid Mode Work

Lincoln Nautilus. Alert and Aid Mode

  1. Alert.
  2. Aid.

The lane keeping system detects a lane departure and provides aid when the vehicles enters B and applies the additional alert warning if A is entered.

    Lane Keeping System Settings. Alert Mode. Aid Mode

    Lane Keeping System Settings To change the steering wheel vibration, use the instrument cluster display: Using the instrument cluster display controls on the steering wheel, select Driver Assist...

    Lane Keeping System Indicators

    If you switch the lane keeping system on, a graphic with lane markings appears in the information display. When you switch the system off, the lane marking graphics do not display...

    Other information:

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    Clearing the Garage Door Opener

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