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Lincoln Nautilus: Brakes / Brake Precautions. Anti-Lock Braking System. Brake Over Accelerator. Locating the Brake Fluid Reservoir

Lincoln Nautilus 2018-2023 Owners Manual / Brakes / Brake Precautions. Anti-Lock Braking System. Brake Over Accelerator. Locating the Brake Fluid Reservoir

Brake Precautions

WARNING: Driving your vehicle with the warning lamp on is dangerous. A significant decrease in braking performance may occur. It may take you longer to stop your vehicle. Have your vehicle checked as soon as possible. Driving extended distances with the parking brake engaged can cause brake failure and the risk of personal injury.

Wet brakes result in reduced braking efficiency. Gently press the brake pedal a few times when driving from a car wash or standing water to dry the brakes.

Anti-Lock Braking System

Anti-Lock Braking System Limitations

The anti-lock braking system does not eliminate the risk of crash when:

  • You drive too closely to the vehicle in front of you.
  • Your vehicle is hydroplaning.
  • You take corners too fast.
  • The road surface is poor.

Note: If the system activates, the brake pedal could pulse and could travel further. Maintain pressure on the brake pedal.

Brake Over Accelerator

In the event the accelerator pedal becomes stuck or entrapped, apply steady and firm pressure to the brake pedal to slow the vehicle and reduce engine power. If you experience this condition, apply the brakes and bring your vehicle to a safe stop. Move the transmission to park (P), switch the engine off and apply the parking brake. Inspect the accelerator pedal for any interference. If none are found and the condition persists, have your vehicle towed to the nearest authorized dealer.

Locating the Brake Fluid Reservoir

See Under Hood Overview.



    Checking the Brake Fluid

    WARNING: Do not use any fluid other than the recommended brake fluid as this will reduce brake efficiency. Use of incorrect fluid could result in the loss of vehicle control, serious personal injury or death...

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    Replacing the Rear Wiper Blades

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